A Peek Inside

Imagine a cluster of open houses all in the same neighborhood. That’s what going to the RV show is like. It’s such a treat. I love looking at the different floor plans, options, and designs of RVs, and getting a few ideas here and there.

But once you get to a campsite, you can’t really look inside your neighbors’ trailers or motorhomes – that would be weird. That’s not to say I’m not super curious though! So, just thought we would share a short clip of our home on wheels. Come on in and take the tour!

When we were shopping for a used RV, we saw so many that just looked so dated. We finally found this one – and while it’s not modern or craftsman, it’s also not carpeted and overly embellished and oak-y. Maybe over time we will add some custom features, but for now, we’re satisfied with the interior and layout!

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