Maiden Voyage Part 2

After all that, we didn’t even talk about our first destination… 

On our maiden voyage, we spent a night in Portland, OR, then moved on to Astoria. We stayed at the KOA there, which was actually pretty awesome! They had the typical pancake breakfast, kids bike-friendly property, the usual KOA works. They even had mini golf and a remote control car track. Keep in mind this was in February, before COVID. Keep in mind, most of the places mentioned in this post are open at the time of publishing, with COVID caveats (fires too). Check before visiting.

They even had a laundromat. I know this because on the way from Portland, we let little Stewart (he was 3.5 at the time) have a tablet while Mae napped, and he threw up all over the place. I have a pretty strong stomach and don’t usually get motion sickness, so for whatever reason, I thought he would be okay too. BUT, being in the RV is a LOT bumpier than being in the car towing a trailer. Lesson learned, no more screens while driving, but poor guy. At least we are not sympathetic pukers.

They even had an indoor pool, which was a real treat, since we went to the pool while the laundry was in. The only trouble with that was that evening dips in the winter meant figuring out how to hang our stuff to dry – another thing to learn in our new RV.

There must be a better way!

Anyhow, we really enjoy the Astoria area. There are big bridges, the Columbia River Maritime Museum with ample RV parking and space to run around outside even if you aren’t going in. There is Bowpicker Fish & Chips, which always has a super long line (bookmarking here to keep it in mind for the next time we roll through) and the Astoria Sunday Market – always love me a good market. 

Trails at the Fort Stevens campground

We stayed a night at the campground as well so we could check out Fort Stevens State Park, home of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck before heading home. 


The kiddos and dogs loved being at the beach of course. There is something special about Pacific Northwest beaches in winter. 

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