Hello Bugs! We are Outdoors!

We left Seattle just after noon. What a difference it makes to have the morning to finish packing. We planned to stay the night at Plymouth Park, WA – 4 hours being really the max amount of time we want to drive per day. Since we had a pretty full tank of gas, we only made one stop to dump. (iOverlander has a helpful map of dump sites.)

We made it to our campsite for the night just before 5. The kids were elated to see a playground across from our site, so we let them play on it since there was nobody else there, and as long as they didn’t touch their faces. This might have been the first playground they’ve played on since COVID, other than at home or at preschool. 

Playground surrounded by beautiful sycamores! 

They were so happy. 

And then Stewart got stung. I’m not even sure if it was a wasp or a bee, but he was so upset I looked over to see him sliding down the slide and a bug flying away from him. I scooped him up and we walked back over to the RV. 

We quickly washed the sting site and iced it, and our kind neighbors (everyone at the park was so nice) offered a tube of hydrocortisone. The brave little kiddo got over it pretty quickly, but we opted to have dinner inside seeing other bugs starting to swarm the picnic table.

Our dinner was marked by flies that somehow got inside. Thank goodness we have an electric fly swatter. (Highly recommend.) They just kept showing up – after we zapped one, we would see another land on the cabinet, or the TV, or the dog… Disclaimer: do not try to swat a fly that has landed on your dog with any kind of fly swatter, electric or otherwise.

Don’t stick your tongue on it either. 

After dinner, we had our usual after dinner walk – the park has campsites only on one side of a loop, so there’s one section that is essentially a straightaway, which was so fun to race with dogs and bikes. 

As we got the kids ready for bed we realized that a million and one gnats had made it inside! Charlie grabbed the vacuum to try to get them all but they kept showing up. They were attracted to the light – especially the LED light strip above the slide that we recently installed; Charlie wondered if they might be coming in through an opening in the weather stripping. It was a losing battle, so in the end, we turned off the lights since it was bedtime anyway. (At least it’s not ants or termites or mosquitos.)

Little trooper got back on his bike pretty quickly! 

Good night! 

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