Overnight Over the Colorado River

We’ve mentioned iOverlander in previous posts, but here is an example of why we like it so much – besides being an awesome resource to find dump sites.

iOverlander’s map and filter options make it easy to find what you need on the road

Our last night in Bryce Canyon, knowing that we had a long drive day ahead of us to Sedona, Charlie suggested that we forgo our last night’s reservation and head out after dinner so we could get a head start. 

We only needed to get a couple hours under our belt, so we started looking for something on iOverlander. In terms of timing, we decided to aim for one site we found, Glen Canyon Dam Overlook, which was just on the Arizona side of the Utah-Arizona border. Our backup boondocking site was the Walmart, about 10 minutes down the road. 

When we got to the site, there were two other semis when we got there so we felt pretty good about it. The great thing about it was that it was a large gravel lot right off the highway, right around a bend. We couldn’t tell in the darkness of the night but we were pretty much right on the edge of that canyon.

Our view in the morning! What a pleasant surprise.

I’m so glad we found this spot. It was safe, quiet, and free.

We did end up stopping by the Walmart in Page, AZ to grab groceries the next morning. There were about 20 rigs parked in the parking lot! Just a note: I have been reading about the decline of the number of Walmarts allowing overnighters over the years. If you plan to stay in a Walmart, do some research before you pull in for the night to see if they allow it. Some have clear signs that prohibit overnight parking. The best thing to do is to call and ask. And when you do stay overnight, this is a gentle reminder to leave the lot as you found it (pick up your trash, dispose of it properly, never ever try to let your grey/black tanks “trickle,” and pick up after your dogs — so we can all continue to utilize and enjoy these facilities. Thank you!!

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