Setting the Scene

Well readers, it’s been a minute!

We’ve been mostly hunkered down in our brick and mortar this winter, doing our day jobs and trying to stay safe and sane. Looking forward to being vaccinated before the end of spring and feeling that little bit of relief about traveling.

As we prep for the camping season and catch up on RV life and blog, a couple of relevant movie recommendations:

Nomadland: written, edited, produced and directed by Chloé Zhao – for which she is up for several awards. It is also starting the incredible Frances Mcdormand. About a woman who fulltimes out of her motorhome/van, finds work with the seasons and meets others on a similar path. We watched this last week and I can’t stop thinking about it! Streaming on Hulu and Apple TV+.

Toy Story 4: not new but so good. Bonnie’s family takes an RV trip before she starts kindergarten! Forky brings a humorous perspective to the meaning of life, but also reminds me that the purpose of travel is about making meaningful connections with people and places, isn’t it. All star cast as usual, and had me in tears the first time I watched it! Streaming on Disney+.

RV: because all RVing families have to watch this classic. Also, Robin Williams. Free on HBO Max, $3-4 on other platforms.

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