Spring is here!

Our first camping trip of the season was this past weekend and we went to Deception Pass, WA with friends, who enviably have their whole calendar lined up for the summer already!

Our preschoolers are the same age and we agreed that bedtime is whatever, so it was a lot of fun to kind of throw that rule out the window for once. (Mind you, my kids still work up at their usual 6:30am, so the idea that if they go to bed later they’ll sleep later is a total myth.)

Nothing too much to say except it is so beautiful! Awesome rocky beach in the shores of the Puget Sound, wooded hikes, great biking around the campsite, lots of people fishing at Cranberry Lake, which I would have loved to paddleboard too, but it was chilly and windy!

The campsites are also nice and wooded, pretty spacious, ample bathrooms and places to wash dishes, which was nice since we were boondocking and didn’t want to fill up our tanks with grey water.

We drove into Oak Harbor to get check it out and to get the kids to nap. Of course when they woke up they had to go to the bathroom so the nearest one was at the Dollar Tree there. Wow. This was the biggest Dollar Tree I’d ever been to, and a great selection of stuff too! Stewart picked out a unicorn headband for Mae, and they each picked out a Hot Wheel for themselves and their friends.

Two funny things: Mae named her unicorn horn “Horny” and when the kids were playing with their hot wheels, somehow they lost Mae’s and they couldn’t find it anywhere. I couldn’t find it anywhere either. But then I felt something hard on my shoulder… her car was stuck in my hair… because I haven’t washed or brushed my hair at all over the weekend, because we’re camping! Dry shampoo is what you do!

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