We are a Pacific Northwest Family RVing part-time in a 32′ rig.

This blog is about our journeys, the destinations we visit, and the laughter and tears along the way.

Travel has always spun a desire to write. While RV travel is not new to our family, this blog is, and serves as a platform for us to share our stories with our friends, family, and the RV and travel communities. Importantly, this blog is also a way for us to document these adventures for our children, to help them keep these memories safe, and remind them that we are actually very cool parents. 

We invite you to join us on our escapades and follow along on social media!

Facebook: @talesofrventures

Instagram: @talesofrventures

YouTube: Coming Soon

*For the purposes of privacy, we’ve chosen to change names. Some posts will be retroactive. 

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