A Peek Inside

Imagine a cluster of open houses all in the same neighborhood. That’s what going to the RV show is like. It’s such a treat. I love looking at the different floor plans, options, and designs of RVs, and getting a few ideas here and there.

But once you get to a campsite, you can’t really look inside your neighbors’ trailers or motorhomes – that would be weird. That’s not to say I’m not super curious though! So, just thought we would share a short clip of our home on wheels. Come on in and take the tour!

When we were shopping for a used RV, we saw so many that just looked so dated. We finally found this one – and while it’s not modern or craftsman, it’s also not carpeted and overly embellished and oak-y. Maybe over time we will add some custom features, but for now, we’re satisfied with the interior and layout!

How We Got Started with RV Life

Both Charlie & I grew up with road tripping families. Road trips birthed an interest in international travel, which is how we met, and which became a crucial component of our dating years, and so when we got married, it was only natural that we rented our first RV for our wedding getaway car and honeymoon! (Details on that in a future blog post.)

Our 25ft Getaway Car and Honeymoonmobile

We loved it so much we rented again for a winter vacation while I was pregnant with Stewart and when he turned 1, we bit the bullet and bought our first trailer, a 2013 Airstream 27FB Flying Cloud. (More later!) We named her Trailer Swift, or “Swifty” for short.

Swifty on her maiden voyage

I loved that trailer and we did a number of really great trips with it, but soon our daughter Mae arrived, and with two above average sized pups, two small children, and two teens (who are with us part time), we quickly outgrew the Airstream. 

In winter of 2019, we started to think about what our summer would look like, and knowing that we wouldn’t be happy towing poor Swifty, we decided to put her up for sale, and simultaneously check out some Class A RVs at local dealerships. We fell in love with a bunkhouse configuration, and found one that checked the boxes. The same week, Swifty got swept up by another family, and we brought our new to us rig, Valhalla (according to Charlie) and Valerie (to me), home in early February 2020. Our first trip was to Portland and Astoria, Oregon on Valentine’s weekend. 

Then, COVID-19 hit, and we hunkered down. But, after 6+ weeks of being at home with no outside interaction save a couple of exceptions (e.g. the grocery store and visiting Charlie’s mom through a window) we couldn’t take it anymore. We drove a couple of hours to find a dry camping site (future post), and found that we could be totally self contained, we could enjoy the outdoors, and not have to interact with anyone. 

Socially distancing in Val

Thus began our first summer in Val!