Se-do-ya go offroading?

Going into Sedona, Charlie decided to Google “ORV Sedona” and found that there were tons of off-road trails. He watched a bunch of YouTube videos and found a trail he was interested in that was accessed through a residential area of Sedona. By reading forum directions and mapping street names, Charlie figured out that itContinue reading “Se-do-ya go offroading?”

Bryce is Nice

At Bryce Canyon, we stayed at Ruby’s Inn Campground, which as dusty as it was, was a really great location for exploring the park.  There is not much in Bryce Canyon City, and most of it seems to be connected to Ruby’s somehow (there is also a lodge and general store and gift store). IContinue reading “Bryce is Nice”

Hell’s Revenge (Otherwise Known as “One day My Wife Will Get Hers”)

by Charlie For many, a trip to Moab wouldn’t be complete without a drive through the nearby national parks, and taking in the absolutely incredible topography. With its sheer rock faces and incredible red color, it truly is a sight to behold. If you haven’t been to Moab and the parks, do yourself a favorContinue reading “Hell’s Revenge (Otherwise Known as “One day My Wife Will Get Hers”)”